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Continuing Education

Northeast Arizona Regional Center

Coconino STEM Control Group

The CCESA Office of Innovation and Development is recruiting K-8 teachers to serve as controls for the STEM Mathematics and Science Partnership grant. If you are interested in serving as a control, you can earn a $500.00 stipend.

All you have to do is:

  • Complete ONE test and survey (WestED Force and Motion test) at the start and again at the end of the project.

                 o   The first test/survey will be given in March/April 2016
                 o   The second set will be given in March/April 2017
                 o   The test results are anonymous and will be used only to compare with other groups of
                       teachers that receive professional development

  • Allow our project evaluator to observe your science/STEM instruction at the start and again at the end of the project (this takes 30min-1hr max)

               o   These will be announced observations, will be scheduled to accommodate your needs, and will
                    not deter from your classroom instruction in any way
              o   The observation notes and results are anonymous (any reports describing the observation will
                   use aggregate data – you will not be identifiable)

If you are interested, and are not presently participating in an MSP science grant, please complete the survey monkey application