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SBE Vote in Regards to Standards

What Does the SBE Vote in Regards to Standards Mean?

This morning, the State Board of Education took a vote to reverse their action taken in June 2010 to adopt Common Core and to continue Arizona’s current standards, with the ability by the SBE to add, delete or modify the standards. The vote was passed by a 6-2 vote, with Miller and Ballantyne voting against the motion. You may hear or see headlines in the media about Common Core being repealed,  (, the SBE’s vote was symbolic in nature only. The SBE’s vote today affirms our current standards, keeps them in place, and allows the review process to continue that is already taking place.

We’ve included a few key points of information below, along with talking points. Also, attached is the statement we shared with the media. You are welcome to use this messaging as well.

Key Points:
•         The vote today was purely symbolic.
•         The vote keeps Arizona’s current standards in place and continues the review process.
•         The standards review process continues and has full support from the SBE.          
          o   The online deadline was continued until Nov 20th – comments can be made here:
          o   There will be 16 regional events to gather input from the public. The first event is tonight in Prescott. The other dates have not yet been posted. We will let you know when they are.

Talking Points:
•         The motion passed this morning by the Arizona State Board of Education (SBE) was symbolic in nature.
•         The decision removes Arizona’s College and Career Ready standards from the political debate that has been taking place over the last three years and provides stability for Arizona’s schools and teachers to focus on what’s important - good teaching and learning.
•         What educators and parents need to know is that this does not change the current standards. Educators and students have been working hard over the last five years to adapt to the new, more rigorous standards.
•         What educators are teaching and students are learning does not change as a result of today’s vote.
•         The SBE has always been able to make changes to the standards. In fact, a review process is currently underway. Comments will be collected online through Nov. 20 at
•         We encourage teachers, parents and other members of the public to weigh in to ensure that our standards are strong and reflect Arizona’s needs. Any changes to the existing standards will be made only as a result of this review process.