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Continuing Education

Southern Arizona Regional Education Center

The Southern Arizona Regional Education Center is a dedicated group of leaders and professional developers serving schools in Arizona's southernmost counties.


Regional Centers are voluntary structures implemented by County School Superintendents and / or an alliance of Education Service Agencies that provide locally defined and accessible professional development, educational services, and technical assistance to address statewide, high priority initiatives.

This organization, SAREC, has recognized the need for a robust resource to provide professional development opportunities to educators in Southern Arizona schools.  Often smaller schools and school districts do not have the resources to hire quality professional developers and so suffer from an inability to secure much needed information, skills and leadership.  The SAREC organization has been formed to help meet this need.

Cochise, Pima and Santa Cruz counties have joined together with the University of Arizona, Cochise Community College, Pima Community College and local business partners to offer professional development opportunities to educators.  The purpose is to create a network of professional development support to strengthen teacher and leader efficacy in Southern Arizona schools.

Currently our areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • Professional development and support for all educators with Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (AZCCRS)
  • STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) - building a network of business, industry and education partners to provide professional development and support to preK-12 educators, students, and our communities
  • Support  the Arizona Education and Technology Consortium (AzETC) in providing ITV opportunities for students and teachers across Arizona

SAREC Counties

Cochise County 

The mission of the Office of the Cochise County School Superintendent is to aid in the administration of the state's laws pertaining to education in collaboration with the state board of education, the state superintendent of publicinstruction, and such governing boards as are provided by law.

Pima County 

The Pima County School Superintendent's Office promotes educational excellence through leadership, service, and collaboration.

Santa Cruz County 

The Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools provides administrative assistance to all school districts in Santa Cruz County and acts as liason to the Arizona Department of Education.